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Africa New Law


Africa NewLaw applies an “immerse, design and embed methodology” to establish the organisations existing operations processes and procedures as compared to its requirements and obligations.

Through a comprehensive analysis, Africa NewLaw transforms your operations whilst leveraging people, process and especially technology to ensure all benefits are enhanced by improving financial performance and overall operational sustainability.

Legal Operations Consulting

Legal functions, be it in law firms or in-house legal, are faced with challenges and disruptions which traditional legal services delivery are not equipped to meet. Africa NewLaw develop focused and fit-for-purpose solutions to meet the changing needs of the industry as a whole.

Contract Management Consulting

To meet ever evolving requirements, companies need a contract management framework which entrenches uniformity in the management of contracts, delivers value and mitigates risk. Through a comprehensive analysis, Africa NewLaw designs and implements effective contract management solutions optimising this process for your business.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Consulting

Governance, Risk and Compliance continues to be a complex business challenge. New laws and regulations challenge businesses to greater levels of transparency, objectivity and professionalism. Africa NewLaw’s solution provides systematic and efficient management of GRC obligations while mitigating risk to an organisation.

Africa New Law

Africa NewLaw can help you through your function’s transformation journey, ensuring effective change for all stakeholders.

About Us

Africa NewLaw is focused on assisting the legal industry with the transformation of their legal services delivery.

Using the NewLaw concept we develop solutions that are effective, efficient and fit-for-purpose to deliver more value for your legal spend.

The Africa NewLaw Gurus have broad based legal experience with over 50 years combined insights into the legal industry. The team is made up of multidisciplinary skills and expertise in order to best meet our clients needs.

Our Partners

We are inherently technology agnostic. We have experience with large global systems, and if appropriate for your organization, we assist with the choice and implementation of a global Legal Tech system.

We are aware that the African market requires systems that are fit-for-purpose and more importantly affordable for African clients.

With that in mind we have built close relationships with well-established, African developed, technology that support the Africa NewLaw solutions for legal functions and their technology journey.

Legal Interact

Legal Interact is a leading African developer for legal operations and software.


Cura is a leading African developer for Governance, Risk and Compliance software.


Updraft us a leading African developer for contract automation software.


The Africa NewLaw Gurus regularly publish content and create analytical tools and other resources to help our clients understand, and stay up to date, with the technology and trends influencing the industry.

Africa New Law

Africa NewLaw Innovation Index

The Africa NewLaw Innovation Index lists innovative legal businesses that provide a broad range of innovative legal solutions to existing business challenges, leveraging legal services that can be delivered more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Africa NewLaw is proud to be pioneering the African continent’s first index of legal technology businesses for legal professionals.

Explore a curated Pan-Africa list of legal service providers changing the way law can be done in Africa.

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