Internal Audit Management Consulting

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Internal Audit Management Consulting

There is no one-sized fits all Internal Audit (“IA”) function. It is this understanding that positions Africa NewLaw to assist different IA functions to assess their maturity and implement a configurable fit-for purpose IA solution that enables IA functions to meet the expectations of their stakeholders. The improved capabilities of the IA function will reduce costs, both internal and external, but more importantly deliver high quality and reliable internal audit delivery.

Africa Newlaw IA Management solution offers a flexible dynamic assurance ecosystem with the potential to achieve any assurance department‘s objectives. At it’s core is the organization’s strategic objectives and risks. The solutions dynamic capability allows for integration into most platforms allowing for real time auditing and updates to stakeholders. Customisable dashboards and reporting make for immediate decision making across the organization. The integrated approach improves continuous monitoring of numerous and varied data sources, broadening the ability to provide assurance to the organisation.

The integration ability allows alignment to other assurance providers and systems resulting in a solution for combined assurance that can continuously monitor the numerous audit aspects, increasing the overall risk and control coverage and the ability to turn data into intelligence for continuous improvement.

The Sense IA tool is flexible, agile and able to be configured to any department’s structure and methodologies to suit maturity and requirements from a checklist approach , to owning and real time monitoring of all assurance activities.

AI Services

Internal Audit Strategy development

Internal Audit Maturity Assessments

Internal Audit Process review and optimisation

Internal Audit Controls development

Internal Audit Monitoring, Metrics and Performance

Internal Audit Skills and Training

Internal Audit Technology Implementation

Internal Audit Planning and Implementation

Internal Audit Continuous Monitoring Implementation

Internal Audit Monitoring, Reporting and Dashboarding

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