Enterprise Legal Management ("ELM") Consulting

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Enterprise Legal Management Consulting

Building the successful organisational legal functions of the future is a daunting task. Africa NewLaw can assist enterprise wide legal operational and in-house legal functions to reach success by moving them along the maturity curve, transforming teams into strategic business enablers that deliver value to your business.

There is no one-sized fits all enterprise wide legal and in-house legal function or requirement. It is this understanding that positions Africa NewLaw to assist organisations and in-house operational functions, across sectors, to assess their maturity and develop focused and fit-for-purpose solutions.

These solutions reduce costs, both internal and external, but more importantly deliver high quality and reliable internal legal services delivery.

ELM Maturity Curve

ELM Maturity Curve

Challenges Being Faced

Comprehensive Approach

The In-House function role is primarily to manage legal matters for an organisation. The Matter Management process underpins the Africa NewLaw solution, answering the question of “How do we improve the value we deliver?”

Process certainty reduces areas of waste, duplication and constraints in the legal environment. This improves resource utilisations, ensuring the delivery of value to the client or end user.

Enterprise Legal Management
Consulting Services

We deliver

ELM & Legal Function Strategy, Scenario Planning and Maturity Assessment

ELM & Legal Function Operating Model Design

Africa New Law

ELM Risk Ranking, Controls, Governance and Frameworks

ELM & Legal Function Talent Models, Skills Assessments, Spans of Control, Performance Metrics

ELM Process Optimisation and Resource Optimisation

ELM Function Monitoring, Metrics and Performance

ELM & Legal Technology Review and Implementation

ELM & Legal Function Sourcing and Procurement

ELM system implementation

ELM & Legal Function Data Analytics

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