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The Africa NewLaw Gurus regularly publish content and create analytical tools and other resources to help our clients understand, and stay up to date, with the technology and trends influencing the industry.

Legal Innovation Enables Access

Welcome to the Africa Legal innovation blog.

Innovation Driving Access To Justice

The impact of tech on legal innovation and how it can improve access to justice.

Embracing Innovation

In conversation with Mark A Cohen – How can Africa benefit from Legal Ops?

Agile Working Can Be Win-Win

Are flexible legal services a cost effective way for businesses to get the right legal help?

Shifting the Bargaining Power

In-house or Outsource? The economics of delivering legal services for a business.

Outsourcing Legal Work to Africa

An opportunity to enter the global legal services market.

WhatsApp Policies & POPI Compliance

Does WhatsApp comply with South-Africa’s privacy laws and the POPI Act 4 of 2013?

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