Law Firm Operations Consulting

African solutions at African prices for Africa’s legal challenges.

Law Firm Operations Consulting

Law firms today need to be more efficient, effective and agile than ever before. Africa NewLaw can assist legal teams reach these requirements by moving them along the maturity curve, with focused and fit-for-purpose solutions, that will position your Firm to grow and transform in a manner that is sustainable and flexible enough to meet the changing needs of not only the client, but the industry as a whole.

Law Firm Legal Operations Maturity Curve

Africa New Law
Africa New Law

Comprehensive Approach

Practice Management requires a comprehensive approach to maximising operational and financial performance of a law firm through value driven, technology enabled and data led legal function.

Firms are under increasing pressure to demonstrate value to their client. With increased competition, Firms need to adapt their businesses. Using the legal operations framework, Firms can transform into modern functions able adapt to any changing need.

Africa New Law

Law Firm Consulting Services

We deliver

Legal Firm Strategy, Scenario Planning and Maturity Assessments

Legal Firm Operating Model Design

Africa New Law

Legal Risk Ranking, Controls, Governance and Frameworks

Legal Firm Talent Models, Skills Assessments, Spans of Control, Performance Metrics

Process Optimisation and Resource Optimisation

Legal Firm Monitoring, Metrics and Performance

Legal Firm Technology Review and Implementation

Legal Firm Sourcing and Procurement

Legal Firm Data Analytics

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