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African solutions at African prices for Africa’s legal challenges.

NewLaw Solutions

We are inherently technology agnostic. We have experience with large global systems, and if appropriate for your organization, we assist with the choice and implementation of a global Legal Tech system.

We are aware that the African market requires systems that are fit-for-purpose and more importantly affordable for African clients.

With that in mind we have built close relationships with well-established, African developed, technology that support the Africa NewLaw solutions for legal functions and their technology journey.

Enterprise Legal Management Solutions

Our ELM solutions assists your legal function to achieve optimal performance through the affective application of our legal operations puzzle.

Our ELM solutions are proudly partnered with Legal Interact, with over 30 years experience in practice and matter management software that accelerates your function.


Contract Management Solutions

Our contract management solutions optimize the contract lifecycle and ensure maximum financial and operational benefits from your contracts while effectively mitigating risk.

Our contract management solutions are proudly partnered with Origin Systems Updraft, the smartest contract drafting tool in Africa.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions

Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance management solutions are focused on ensuring optimal compliance whilst managing risks and enabling your business.

Our Governance, Risk, and Compliance management solutions are proudly partnered with Cura, an intuitive way to control your GRC obligations.

Internal Audit Management Consulting

Internal Audit functions are being required on a daily basis to provide more comprehensive assurance across a broader range of requirements. IA functions require solutions which offers a flexible dynamic assurance ecosystem with the potential to achieve any assurance department‘s objectives. At it’s core is the organisations strategic objectives and risks. The solutions dynamic capability allows for integration into most platforms allowing for real time auditing, updates to stakeholders and overall continuous monitoring.

AML Management Consulting

Our AML solutions assists your AML processes and people to achieve optimal performance through the affective application of leading practices and frameworks. Our AML solutions are proudly partnered with InScope-AML, a global leading configurable software armed with the latest in functionality to support AML requirements. The solution as enabled by InScope-AML fully integrates with existing data and systems to foster an environment of combined assurance and more effective management of ever important AML obligations.

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